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BSAD C100 Guide for Vonetta Mixson: BAC Project

Library resources for Vonetta Mixson's Business Administration 100: Introduction to Business course.

Business as Career Project

INSTRUCTIONS: For your final assignment in this course, you are required to write a research-analysis paper and you can discuss any element from this course that applies to your development as a business professional (I highly suggest that students review the chapters, key assignments and hot topic journals for insight). 

The resources on this page are to here to provide guidance on this final assignment, the Business as Career (BAC) paper, in which you are required to use and reference (in APA format):

  • The course textbook
  • 1 book related to your BAC topic
  • 1 website on your BAC topic
  • 1 academic journal article on your topic
  • 1 article from a professional magazine (also called "trade" publication)