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BSAD C100 Guide for Vonetta Mixson: Articles

Library resources for Vonetta Mixson's Business Administration 100: Introduction to Business course.

Journals versus Professional Magazines

For your BAC project, you will need to locate 1 article from a scholarly (academic) journal and 1 article from a professional magazine, also called a Trade Journal. So, what's the difference?

Academic Journals versus Professional Magazines
  Scholarly Journal (academic) Professional (Trade) Magazine
What’s in them? Articles that present original research studies. Reviews of books relevant to scholars in the discipline. Practical information for professionals in the field, including news, trends, and other updates.
What’s their purpose? To make the information available to the rest of the scholarly world. Report on trends in the profession and give practical advice to professionals and other interested readers.
What is their review process? Scholarly articles go through a peer review (referee) process where other scholars in the field evaluate the content of the article.  Articles are reviewed by the magazine’s editorial staff, including copyediting for spelling, grammar, etc. 
Who writes for them? An expert or team of experts in the particular topic of study (Ph.D., researcher, or other scholar). Professionals or experts in the field.
Examples Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Small Business Management, Journal of International Business Studies Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes Magazine, Inc. Magazine


Database Search Video

Library Databases for Business Articles

Here are just a few of the databases you might use to find articles.