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Digitized textbooks are here!

by Cerro Coso Library on 2023-08-01T08:00:00-07:00 in Library | 0 Comments

As you gear up for fall semester, you're probably looking for the cheapest places to get textbooks. Did you know the library has many of them available on reserve for use in the library? And even if you can't get to a campus, the library provides digitized textbooks and eBooks assigned in your college courses through the library catalog. Want to learn more? Here are the basics of what you need to know!

You can also check out our pages on Reserve Textbooks for more information.

Finding online textbooks

1. From the library webpage, click on the library catalog search. 

2. While you're in the catalog, click Sign In at the top, and log in with your college email address and password.

3. Click Online Textbooks from the top bar.

Catalog Sign in

4. Next, choose your subject. It will have a list of the assigned eBooks and digitized textbooks available through the library.

5. Click on a title to see the record for that title.

Subject page for art

6. If it is an eBook, click the eBook link under "Full Text Online." If it is a digitized textbook, click the link that says "Scanned Chapters."

 Digitized book record

Using digitized textbooks

For most eBooks and digitized textbooks, only one user may access the book at a time. Some, however, do allow multiple or unlimited users to access the book simultaneously. If you get an in-use message, it means that someone else is using the book and you may want to check back later. For digitized textbooks, you can join the waiting list. You will get a message in your college email when the book is returned. Digitized textbooks also have a checkout limit of one hour, although you can renew for another hour if no one is waiting. To avoid the last-minute crunch of students, do your reading earlier in the week!

In both eBooks and digitized textbooks, you may be able to search for words in a chapter using the find features. However, digitized textbooks may not always render words correctly. 

EBooks often allow you to print or download one page or chapter, depending on restrictions set by the publisher. Digitized textbooks, however, cannot be downloaded or printed at all.

With digitized textbooks, each chapter is displayed on the left so you can jump to a chapter. When finished, please click "Return early" on the top right so that the next person can use it. Otherwise, it will remain checked out to you for the entire hour, even if you close the browser window. 

If the text on a page is unreadable or does not display, click the exclamation mark in the bottom right corner to report a problem to library staff.

Digitized textbook screenshot

Want to see how digitized textbooks work in real time? Check out our YouTube video on Cerro Coso Library Textbooks Online.

Best of luck in your classes this semester!

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