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Library Resources for Social Distancers: Homebound?

The Library is a refuge during stressful times. We are here to provide services and resources straight from home.

Now That You're Home

If you're not used to working and studying at home, you may find that it's not an easy adjustment. Here are a few resources that might help to ease your transition.

Moving Study Habits Online

  1. Stay Organized
    1. Whether it's a physical calendar or virtual planner, create a schedule with your tasks and assignments. 
    2. Use your course syllabus as a guideline to add course due dates - don't forget to add any recent changes your instructor has made!
    3. If you miss your usual study spaces, try to recreate them at home. If you have the ability, set up a work area with a desk and chair. If possible, keep your phone and television out of view.
    4. Leave your to-do list (or pile) easily visible so that you know what's next before you even sit down.
  2. Avoiding multitasking
    1. Now that you're home, it's very tempting to watch TV while you work or to play games while you watch video lectures. Studies have shown that this leads to more mistakes, less memory retention, and longer task times. 
    2. Instead, focus on one thing at a time.
    3. Take breaks between tasks. A 5-10 minute break after a 25-50 minute task is ideal.
  3. Staying connected to other people
    1. If you study in a group, try to recreate it virtually using a chat room or a video session. If nothing else, share a Google doc.
    2. Take advantage of Zoom office hours with your instructors, librarians, and other students.
    3. Video call your friends and family. This won't last forever, and we're all in it together.

Activities for When You're Stuck at Home

Some Handle Working from Home Better Than Others

Cat chewing a computer

This transition is difficult for everyone - If you feel overwhelmed, please reach out to us. You are not alone!

Homeschooling Resources

Here are some educational and fun resources to keep children (and adults!) busy and entertained.