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CHDV C203 Guide for Lisa Fuller: Introduction

A course guide for Lisa Fuller's Child Development 203: Practicum course.

Welcome to the CHDV C203 Research Guide

This guide is designed to assist you as you embark on your Action Research Project. A core component of the project is research, which requires you to differentiate between scholarly and popular sources and to draw on scholarly research in the field of Early Childhood Education to inform your project. 

To find articles, try some of the databases below. You can also search for books, eBooks, and websites using the tabbed pages above.

Child Development Databases

Here are just a few of the databases you might use to find articles.

Getting Started on a Research Paper

  1. Read your assignment guidelines carefully before beginning your research. Decide what kinds of resources you need and where you might find them.
  2. Search databases to find articles from journals, magazines, newspapers, and other media which is usually found behind a paywall. The library subscribes to databases and provides access to you at no extra cost!
  3. Read journal articles, which are found in scholarly publications written by researchers and experts in the field. Journals and their articles can be found in databases. You can usually search for ones that are "peer reviewed" by other experts.
  4. Evaluate websites before using them as resources in your paper. Find out when, by whom, and for what purpose the information was written. Yes, sometimes you have to do research on your research!
  5. Cite your sources. Find out whether you will need to use APA or MLA style to cite sources in your paper, and be sure to keep track of your sources so people (yourself included) can find them again.

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