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Celebrating Native American Heritage Month

by Cerro Coso Library on 2022-11-01T09:00:00-07:00 in Diversity Resources | 0 Comments

November is Native American Heritage Month. To start off the month, we recommend checking out the Native Land Digital project, an interactive map that shows Native American territories superimposed over modern cities. These are just some of the historical tribal stewards of the lands where Cerro Coso students now reside:

  • Ridgecrest: Newe Segobia (Western Shoshone), Numu (Northern Paiute), Kawaiisu
  • Bishop: Newe Segobia (Western Shoshone), Numu (Northern Paiute), Eastern Mono/Monache
  • Mammoth: Numu (Northern Paiute), Western Mono/Monache, Eastern Mono/Monache
  • Tehachapi: Kawaiisu, Kitanemuk
  • Lake Isabella: Tübatulabal, Yokuts
  • Edwards: Kitanemuk, Kawaiisu
  • Mojave: Kitanemuk, Kawaiisu, Yuhaaviatam/Maarenga'yam (Serrano).

Want to learn more about Native American history and cultures? As always, the library has some books to get you started:

There is also a National Native American Heritage Month exhibit compilation from the Library of Congress, Smithsonian, and other national galleries, which has photos and documents and hosts virtual programs and videos throughout the month of November.


The Ridgecrest Petroglyph Festival kicks off its own celebration November 5-6 with Native American musicians and artisans, local vendors, and an Intertribal Powwow.

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