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Faculty Services: Course Reserves

Library services and resources for faculty.

Find course textbooks in the library catalog:

Course Reserves

We have over 500 resources available in our physical reserve collection for your students to use in the library. We are also happy to announce our new collection of online textbooks!

Check to see if your textbook is part of the reserve collection.

The Reserve Collection consists of: 

  • Textbooks
  • Library Books
  • Reference Materials
  • OER Textbooks
  • Journal Articles
  • DVDs or VHS 

Print Reserve Collection

The print reserve collection is located behind the circulation desk at the IWV library, or in locked cabinets in the LRC at each campus site. Students may check out the materials in the collection to use in the library, and employees may borrow the items for 24 hours. Each semester, textbooks are acquired and added to the Reserve collection based on bookstore adoptions. Contact the library staff to add items to the Reserve Collection, including textbooks or supplemental materials.

We are also able to provide hard copies of OER textbooks upon request.

Online Textbooks

The digital collection is comprised of eBooks, open educational resources, and scanned textbooks. We automatically purchase eBooks based on bookstore adoptions each semester and add them to our collection. Due to the costs of funding and labor, however, scanned textbooks will need to be requested by the instructor using the material request form below.

Faculty Reserve Textbook FAQ

Will the library automatically put my book on reserve?

We will! Using generous equity funding, we order print textbooks and eBooks each semester based on bookstore adoptions. Please make sure that your assigned textbook and edition match your course on the bookstore website! If you would like additional textbooks or supplemental placed on reserve at IWV or other Cerro Coso sites, please let us know. 

Please note that the library cannot purchase access cards, rentals, or eBooks (unless they are available through EBSCOhost or Gale). 

 We also greatly appreciate donated copies of current reserve textbooks!

Can you get an EBook version of my textbook?

We can certainly try! We purchase our eBooks from two library platforms: EBSCOhost and Gale. If your textbook publisher does not do business with these vendors (e.g. Cengage and Pearson), then the library cannot get your book as an eBook.

The library strives to purchase eBook copies of textbooks whenever possible. When this is not possible, we have the ability to scan the textbook to be checked out virtually using the online library catalog.

Please note that most eBooks are limited to one user at a time. Additional copies may be purchased for simultaneous use based on student demand.

Can you scan my textbook to make it available online?

We can! There are a few limitations.

  • To abide by copyright, we must purchase a print "representative" copy for each fully scanned book. This representative copy goes into storage and is not available for use by students or employees.
  • We cannot purchase or scan rental copies or access cards.
  • We will not scan a book if we already own an eBook version or if it is an open resource already freely available online. 
  • Digital scans may only be viewed by one student at a time. If you wish for more than one user to access a book simultaneously, you will need to donate an additional copy (unless leftover funding is available).

How long will it take for you to scan my textbook?

Please allow two months between the time of your request and the availability of a scanned version of your textbook. This gives us time to order, receive, and scan the book. We will then prioritize digitization based on student demand and the order in which requests from faculty are received.

In other words, if you want us to scan your book for next semester, get your request in ASAP!

How do I access digital textbook scans?

Cerro Coso students and employees may access these collections by signing in to the library catalog at the top, opening the book record, and clicking "Scanned Chapters" under "Digital Availability" to view. Each session lasts for one hour, with the option to renew if no one is waiting. If a title is in use, users can join a waitlist. When finished, please click "Return Early" so that the next user may access the title.

To see all available digital textbooks, check out the "Online Textbooks" page and click on a department. There is also a link to it at the top of the catalog page. 

Online Textbook FAQ

How do I find out if the library has a digital version of my textbook? 

To see what is currently available on Reserve for your class:

  • From the main library page, open the library catalog.
  • Click "Online Textbooks" at the top.
  • Scroll to find your course subject, and open it to see the online textbooks available for your course.

What is the difference between an eBook and a digitized textbook?

EBooks have been purchased in a digital format directly from EBSCOhost or Gale. Digitized textbooks have been purchased in print format and scanned by library staff.

Why can't I use a textbook online when someone else is using it?

For both eBooks and digital textbooks, copyright requires that we limit availability to a specified number of users - usually one user at a time. Occasionally, we will be able to purchase a license for an eBook with an unlimited number of users, but this is rare. Open educational resources (OERs) are textbooks that we did not purchase but are still included in our catalog for your convenience - they are freely available and can be used by an unlimited number of people.

How do I sign in?

When you first click on the catalog, there is a yellow "Sign In" link in the top right corner. On mobile, you may need to click the ellipsis (...). If you have a book record open, you may need to close out of it and go back to the results list to see the sign in link.

Sign in using your college email address and password - the same credentials you use to log in to Canvas and other college services. You may be asked to authenticate if you are signing in off-campus.

Why is there a time limit on digitized books?

Digital reserve textbooks check out for one hour, but they can be renewed at the end of the hour if no one is waiting. They can only be checked out by one person at a time, so we want to make sure the next person in line doesn't have to wait too long if the person before them forgot to click "Return Early." 

Can I get notified when a digitized textbook is available?

Yes! If someone is using the digitized textbook you need, a message will state how many users are "already viewing this digital object." Click the "Scanned Chapters" link anyway, and then click "Join the Waitlist." You will receive an email at your college email address when the textbook is ready for you. Your spot in line will be saved for 10 minutes before it goes to the next person on the waitlist, so be sure to keep an eye on your email and access the book when it's your turn. Don't forget to click "Return Early" when finished so the next person in line can be notified!

What do I do if a page is missing or unreadable?

If there's a missing page or if the scanned text of a digitized textbook is too warped or too light to read, please let us know! Email us at and tell us the book title, chapter number, and page number(s) so we can rescan it as soon as possible. We're working hard to get as many books digitized as quickly as we can, so this sometimes means that we miss something.

We always appreciate your comments and feedback!

Why isn't my textbook digitized?

We can only digitize textbooks if we have a non-circulating copy, and we can't digitize textbooks that exist only as subscriptions or eBooks. If you want to request that we scan your textbook, submit a Textbook Digitization Request. The textbook must be assigned to a current or future Cerro Coso course, and we require at least two month's notice to order, process, and scan the textbook. We will also prioritize textbooks requested by faculty. If you only need a chapter or two, fill out the Material Request Form instead.

Abiding by Copyright

How to determine if you need to obtain Copyright permission for articles

  1. Evaluate the materials.
  2. Use a Fair Use Checklist to determine if you need to obtain permission from the creator.
  3. Good Faith. Retain documentation from the Fair Use Checklist for evidence of your intent to use the copyrighted material appropriately.
  4. In your analysis, if it weighs against Fair Use, do not submit the item for Course Reserves. 
  5. Obtain Permission - the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) has the information on how to obtain permission. The CCC facilitates copyright compliance by providing one-stop-shopping for those seeking permissions to use materials.

Here is an informational video from the Copyright Clearance Center.