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Library Research Orientation: Using Library Research Guides

Learn how to use the library catalog, search in databases, and cite your sources.

Library guides are content-rich resources that can assist you in finding and citing the sources you need to write an effective college research paper. Since they are not hosted on the main college website, however, it may take some time to learn how to navigate them.

How to Navigate These Guides

Guide Subject Home ScreenshotThe main Library Guides page displays all of our guides. By default, the guides are organized by subject categories, which can be expanded to display all the guides in that subject. You can also view all guides at once by clicking the "All Guides tab".

The A-Z Database List links to all the databases Cerro Coso subscribes to, and includes a brief description of each one. You can even sort by tags to see the new and popular databases.

To view the contact information of the Cerro Coso Library and its librarians, click the More button under the picture of the library. There is also contact information at the bottom of every screen.

To see a description about a guide or to see its subjects and tags, click the blue i icon next to the title.To view the guide, click the title.

You will be taken directly to the guide.

Orientation Guide Home ScreenshotNote just below the header there is a list of breadcrumb links. You can use these to return to the home page of the guide, or the main subject guide home page.

Below the guide title is a list of tabs. Each of these functions as a separate web page. If a tab shows an arrow coming out of a box next to its title (), this means that it is a link to a different guide, and will open in a new window.

Many pages will also have a box with library contact information and a button so you can easily email the library. 

There is also a chat box, where you can chat with a librarian 24/7. Please note that the chat service is staffed by librarians from around the world, so the person you talk to may not be familiar with Cerro Coso. If they are unable to help you, however, they will be happy to forward your question on to Cerro Coso librarians.

Note: Some pages (like this one) feature small screenshots with blue borders. Click on these screenshots to view them at full size.

Library Guide Tutorial Video

Cerro Coso Library Guide Orientation [2:59]

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