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Fifty Years of Cerro Coso: Historical Photos

Highlights to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Cerro Coso Community College

Celebrating the 50th

Help Cerro Coso celebrate our 50th anniversary!50th logo

Take a look back at the past at our digital archive.

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Historical Photos

The library needs your help!

We have recently digitized historical print photographs provided to us by the PIO office. However, in order to create a lasting historical archive, we want to make sure to include as much information as possible to help future students and staff celebrate our 100th anniversary. 

If you recognize someone in these photos, drag a square around the person's head and leave a comment with their name.

You can also leave a comment with a year, location, or other context that might be of local and historical interest!

Note: The naming convention of the photos stems from what was written on the physical boxes or folders and the order they were originally housed in when the library received them. If the folder had no additional information written on it, the file was named after a physical characteristic of that folder (i.e. “03_YLW” for a yellow folder or “04_FedEx” for a FedEx mailing envelope.

If the back of the photo had something written on it, both sides were scanned and are identified with a digit after the name, 1 and 2.

A huge thank you to our library student worker, Aria Ayres, who spent several months scanning and cropping these photos!

Have a correction, donation, or question about the project? Feel free to email us!