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Cerro Coso Club Resources: International Club

A collection of library resources available for clubs at Cerro Coso.

About International Club

This club is an educational and social group, which stresses multicultural traditions and cultures. Its mission is to promote understanding, recognition, and appreciation of cultural differences, and to reach out to all students through cultural activities and meetings.

This is only a sampling of the foreign language books we have on display on the low shelves towards the back of the library. If you have a recommendation to add to this collection, please let us know!

Finding foreign language materials

When searching the library catalog for materials in other languages, click Advanced Search and select your preferred language from the Languages drop-down.

You can also try using a keyword or subject search term "[Language] language materials" (e.g. "Spanish language materials"). If you are looking for bilingual items, dictionaries, or teaching guides, try "[Language] language materials bilingual" (e.g. "Latin language materials bilingual"). Use quotes around the search term for more exact results!

Foreign Language Books

Learn Chinese

Bilingual English/Chinese Books

Books in Chinese

Learn French

Bilingual French/English Books

Books in French

Learn German

Bilingual German/English Books

Books in German

Learn Italian

Bilingual Italian/English Books

Books in Italian

Learn Japanese

Bilingual Japanese/English Books

Learn Latin

Bilingual Latin/English Books

Books in Latin

Learn Russian

Bilingual Russian/English Books

Books in Russian

Learn Spanish

Bilingual Spanish/English Books

Books in Spanish

International Club Books