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Library Services: Reserve Textbooks

The library services offered by Cerro Coso.

Search Course Reserves

Search course reserves in the library catalog:

Reserve Textbook FAQ

How do I find out if the library has my textbook? 

To see what is currently available on Reserve for your class:

  • Go to the Online Library Catalog.
  • Enter your keywords and select “Course Reserves” from the drop-down menu. You can search by any of the following keywords:
    • Course number (e.g. “ENGL C101”)
    • Course name (e.g. “Introduction to Art”)
    • Instructor (e.g. “Julie Cornett”)
    • Textbook title (e.g. “Ethan Frome”)

You can call or ask at the library/LRC circulation desk for the item you want, preferably by title or course number. For your convenience, we have also created a PDF that shows all the textbooks we have at each site for the current semester.

Does the library have all the textbooks for every class?

No. We are unable to purchase and provide access cards, books only available as rentals, or eBooks that are not available through our eBook platform.

The library catalog’s course reserves are not a replacement for your list of required textbooks. They list only the books in your course that are available at the library, as well as supplemental materials your instructor has put on reserve to assist with research papers. To find an accurate list of the required textbooks you need to purchase, please check with your instructor, course syllabus, or the Bookstore.

My textbook hasn't come in yet. How can I get the first chapter for class?

If you are able to get to a campus that has a copy of the book, you are welcome to come in and read it at the library.

If you aren't able to get to a campus, you can request a scanned copy of a chapter or two using the material request form below, assuming that we own a copy of the book, and we will email the chapter to you. Please note that copyright law prevents us from scanning more than 1-3 chapters.

How are reserve textbooks different from regular library books?

The Cerro Coso Library’s Reserve Collection includes a variety of course textbooks and other supplemental course materials. To ensure that these materials are available to all students, reserves can only be used in the library and cannot be taken home. Faculty and tutors may check out reserve materials briefly for instructional purposes.

How do I check out a reserve textbook?

At each site, the reserve textbooks are kept either behind the circulation desk or in a cabinet, so you will need to ask a staff member for the item. It will help if you know the book title and/or the name of the course (e.g. ART 101) and instructor. The book cannot be removed from the library or LRC, but library staff can check it out to you for the duration of your library visit.  

Why would I use textbook reserves if I can't take the book home?

You may wish to use a reserve textbook if, for example, your textbook order has not arrived in the time for the first day of class, if you need to read a chapter and have forgotten your book at home, or if your instructor has assigned supplemental reading.

I'm faculty - How can I make sure a book is on reserve?

Before the start of each semester, library staff looks through the bookstore website and purchases assigned textbooks in both print and eBook format if they are available. (Please note: The library cannot purchase rentals, access cards, or eBooks that aren't available through the Gale eBooks or EBSCOhost eBook platforms.) If we are unable to purchase your textbook, consider donating a copy to the library, either permanently or temporarily (e.g. for the length of the current semester - please let us know if/when you would like it returned). 

We can also purchase non-textbook items for reserve. If there is a title you would like us to place on reserve for your course, please contact us or fill out the purchase request form.